09 April 2015

GBP/USD : Last Man Standing

  • Back in Singapore. Not much by way of trades done past 2 weeks while away from blog access.
  • Out of Copper before I left, the USD/CAD also died on 03Apr. A bit ill disciplined on the latter, should really have been out on re-entry of triangle below 1.26.
  • Left only with short cable now. Running small risks everywhere was correct strategy. Still hanging on, and thankful to be alive given recent volatility and abrupt reversals after reversals. Even so, the various stop-outs is frustrating.
  • Finally have a signal to increase the short cable position on the margin. Daily triangle consolidation breakout on the downside at 1.4800. Signal acted on. Deem this new additional position as non-core and exit if we close back inside triangle.
  • Sell more on break of 1.4634.
  • Oh, btw the downside objective of the triangle is 1.4269.


Taichiseal said...

-1.4633 stopped-in

Taichiseal said...

Cut non-core short (1.4633) at +1.4650