24 March 2015

Change in Risk Management

  • Last post before 2 week absence again.
  • Change in risk management and trading approach here. Rather than running decent sized positions and run higher risk of getting stopped out due to capital inadequacy, am these days trading in much smaller sizes and giving trades plenty more leeway of success. Rather have better chance of making less but sure money than higher chance of making more but getting stopped out more often.
  • Holding on firmly to the stronger USD view, technically and fundamentally, and thus cut back to very small risk and giving myself every chance of not getting squeezed out by flash crashes etc.
  • Chart here to illustrate the firmer USD view is cable. Look at trading ranges on daily chart since FOMC (18Mar), characterized by wide ranges, and abrupt reversals after reversals. Am convinced that after shakeout, bear trend (cable) will resume. Maximize my chance of remaining engaged by reducing risk now and hope to ride out the volatility.


archie mishra said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Tio,
Just a general comment. Although there is not much trading discussion in your blog these days, I still visit every few days for your reading list! I find it makes excellent reading on a wide range of topics (I skip the football links as I'm not that crazy about following sports). Thanks for the great links and keep it up!

Taichiseal said...

Thanks Pandu. Am in China half the time where Blogger is blocked, hence been neglecting the blog. Apologies.