30 August 2018


Music made by angels

24 August 2018

22 March 2018

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? (Gloria Estefan, Trisha Yearwood & Emeli Sande)

So many good covers of this one of my favourite songs (eg Norah Jones, Lobo) but think I have just recently found my definitive number one now. These ladies are fantastic, especially Emeli Sande (whom I have never heard of. Scottish lass, who would have guessed!). Bravo!

06 February 2018

26 September 2017

10 September 2017

24 July 2017

The Thursday Night Men by Tonino Benacquista

  • Much enjoyed this one. A book written for the lads.
  • Goodreads link.
  • My rating : 5/5
  • Do not be put off by the low aggregate rating. (Think rating dragged down by female readers).

15 April 2017

Gold : Chart Update

Trading just below a significant multi-year downtrend line. Next week's TL level on chart is around 1291 vs 1287.5 close this week. So close to a break now for a buy signal. Be patient.