03 December 2020

Kobo Nia

This is the Kobo Nia (6 inch screen), the most basic Kobo eBook reader. Cost SGD 149.90 from Challenger Store. (US price $99). No bluetooth, no audio playback, no page turn buttons, 8G storage, built-in adjustable backlight for night reading, WiFi. Unlike Kindles, you can't load books by sending them to an email address. e-books transfer from computer via USB cable. 

I have owned the early Kobo models, Kindle 4, Kindle Paperwhite 2 and the Kindle Oasis 2 (which cost me just under SGD 500. Crazy! Stupid to have spent that much on an e-book reader I will admit now). My early experience with the Kobo e-readers were so bad that I swore never to buy another piece of Kobo hardware again. While initially thrilled by the KO2, after a long time using it I started to miss the optimal size of the smaller readers. Also the KO2 battery life sucks. Hence the recent plunge back to the Kobo via their cheapest and most basic model, reasoning being that surely they must have upped their game after all these years.

My verdict : Love it! Fantastic! Best size for me, ability to side load my favored reading font (Amazon Ember Bold), excellent battery life. (Miss the page turn buttons of the KO2 though).  Also so nice to see cover of current book on the front when in sleep mode.

28 July 2020

Gold : US$1920 Objective Met

  • Multi year target of USD 1920 met. Right to book some profits.
  • Expect further upside though. If reducing risk now to lock in profits, be sure to re-establish on any meaningful pull back from here.
  • The sky's the limit. This "Donald Trump is an Idiot" trade has more room to run as long as he stays in charge. What a sorry excuse of a piece of human garbage.

16 July 2020

Donald "Ostrich" Trump

Stupid and Idiot isn't enough to describe how low his IQ is.

That's POTUS 45.

08 June 2020

Triple Whammy Under DT

King of Cock-Ups.
Unfit for Office.
Morally Bankrupt.
Empathy Void.
Selfish Dickhead.
Batshit Crazy.
Extremely Low IQ.
Zero EQ.
Chief Petty Thin Skin.

‘If we stopped testing right now, we’d have very few cases, if any’

30 May 2020

George Floyd.. So Sad.

To Donald Trump : Who's the son of a bitch now?

26 April 2020

Donald Trump : Stupid, Nasty, Racist

From Nov 2018.

By now, it should be obvious to all that this sorry excuse of a piece of human garbage is a Guilt Projector (or Mirror). Whatever it is that he is accusing others of, is the exact same thing that he himself is guilty of.

I am not political analyst and I get it wrong more often than I get it right. So I have no idea if he will get re-elected, as I have no clue how it is that there are still people out there who will vote for him. What I do know is this - my wish is for a total and complete humiliating defeat for him in Nov 2020. Say, like 80% Biden, 20% Human Garbage Donald Trump.

24 April 2020

The Birth of a Donald Trump Lie

Step by step deconstruction of a Donald Trump lie. This is how the "real" fake news is made. Despicable human being.

Link to Slate article.

The Idiocy of Trump : Injecting Disinfectant to Beat the Virus

Link to article

"After a White House science official presented research Thursday that suggested light and disinfectants like isopropyl alcohol and bleach could effectively kill the coronavirus on surfaces, Trump chimed in with his own helpful medical advice: Why not just get those things inside the body and kill off the coronavirus that way?"

"This notion of injecting or ingesting any type of cleansing product into the body is irresponsible, and it's dangerous,” pulmonologist and global health policy expert Dr. Vin Gupta told NBC News about the president’s comments. “It's a common method that people utilize when they want to kill themselves.”"

Vanity Fair : "How Donald Trump Almost Killed My Husband"

Good article. Not so much about Donald Trump but read this to get a real understanding of what it's like when a family member gets covid-19.


Coronavirus Coverup : Why Did China Lie?

22 April 2020

Masks : To Wear Or Not To Wear?

Answer : No brainer, if the above is accurate.

19 April 2020

CCP Looking Foolish

Here's what I think happened. China was the origin of the pandemic. They had no idea what the actual numbers should look like so from the very beginning they made them up without knowing what "truth" is. Lying blind, literally. As the virus spread and other countries' data came in to shape, crystallize and define "truth", China was left suddenly looking very naked and extremely foolish because their numbers looked so very different from everyone else's. Hence the scramble to revise their numbers now. Even so, who is so stupid to believe them anymore, especially with their proven dodgy track record (eg SARS cover up). They are just as bad as DT. Liars and cover up artists.

[The numbers on the Trump chart are deaths per 100,000 of population. Eg Belgium with very good health care system at 45, USA at 11 and Germany 5. China 0.33? Oh pleeeeeassssseeee. Give me a break!).

World must beat COVID-19 and stay united to beat another China virus

18 April 2020

Gold : US$1920 Here We Come

Think pull-back to 1451 is the retracement over and done with now. Closed the week at 1679. All time high at 1920 should be a reasonable expectation of the next significant move.

(Click on chart to enlarge).