24 August 2018

Singapore : Smart Nation?

My DBS iOS app has been broken for over a month already. Since problem first arose there have been a couple of app updates. Thought they would have fixed the problem after such a long time but apparently not. So much for Smart Nation wannabe when our "national" bank can't even get something so basic right. Maybe they don't even know that the problem exists. Damn sharp.

22 March 2018

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? (Gloria Estefan, Trisha Yearwood & Emeli Sande)

So many good covers of this one of my favourite songs (eg Norah Jones, Lobo) but think I have just recently found my definitive number one now. These ladies are fantastic, especially Emeli Sande (whom I have never heard of. Scottish lass, who would have guessed!). Bravo!

06 February 2018

26 September 2017

10 September 2017

24 July 2017

The Thursday Night Men by Tonino Benacquista

  • Much enjoyed this one. A book written for the lads.
  • Goodreads link.
  • My rating : 5/5
  • Do not be put off by the low aggregate rating. (Think rating dragged down by female readers).

15 April 2017

Gold : Chart Update

Trading just below a significant multi-year downtrend line. Next week's TL level on chart is around 1291 vs 1287.5 close this week. So close to a break now for a buy signal. Be patient.

17 March 2017

Barry Gibb Interview (03Feb2017)

I first heard Massachusetts by the Bee Gees in 1968 when I was only 6 and have loved them ever since. During my teenage years, it was terribly uncool to tell people you were a Bee Gees fan, but I never wavered or pretended otherwise.

Of all their songs, my all time favourite is Morning of My Life from the movie Melody (SWALK).