09 January 2020

Trump the Hypocrite (Unfit for Office QED)

General Soleimani kill = distraction from impeachment.

04 January 2020

Gold Update : SHS Bottom On Track for US$1704

So far so good. All hunky dory.

22 June 2019

Gold : SHS Bottom, Target US$1704

  • SHS bottom now formed and neckline broken, although we still need it to close this month above for confirmation.
  • Bottom formed at end of 2015 at 1046
  • Neckline 1375.
  • Magnitude of measured upmove is 329
  • Multi year target 1704.
  • This is the "Donald Trump is an Idiot" Trade.
  • [Addendum : Closed the month of Jun2019 at 1409, so breakout confirmed. Fail on a monthly close back below neckline of 1375]

27 May 2019

My Own Private Music Cloud (on YouTube)

In the process of turning YouTube into my own personal music cloud. [No restrictions on number of uploads and storage. Cool!].

Here's the link to the full playlist : My DJ2 (identical to Jukebox here, except that the videos that are blocked in YouTube should play in Jukebox as these are hosted elsewhere).

Addendum (28May2019) : Having played with this for about 2 months, here's what I have discovered about sharing music on YouTube that are not explicitly stated in their rules but seem to apply in practice. These are my observations only, may not be accurate.

  • As the account owner, I am able to access every single video/album that I post, so this really works well as my very own private music cloud (like Cloudbeats on a public plaform, only better as this works without the need to install an additional app). 
  • Complicated copyright rules govern what can and cannot be viewed by others. I still can't figure how these work exactly. Eg why is Dire Straits, Il Divo, Gipsy Kings (all about 47+ minutes long) viewable to the general public, but Simply Red (34 mins), Diana Krall and Elton John (both 47 mins), Bee Gees, Robbie Williams et al all not accessible? [Error message : "This video is not available"].
  • Seems like entire video/album by a single (Western) artist is mostly a no go, but sometimes you are allowed to do so.
  • Copyright owners and music publishers from the Far East are far more relaxed about music sharing and to date, I have not encountered any difficulty in sharing their music in any form and combination.
  • Compilation albums put together with a handful of songs from each of various artists does escape the copyright filter.
  • The Eagles are super protective of their work. It's the only video where I got the red "Blocked" indication from YouTube, meaning its blocked worldwide. All the other videos have the green "Public" stamp. [Addendum : The Beatles too - red alert]

13 April 2019

12 April 2019

03 April 2019

Google Home Max

  • Have owned this ugly piece of junk for about a month now. Sits in my little study room and the sound is simply AMAZING! Sad to say but it even sounds better than my 12 year old Meridian F80 which costs 7X more (non-inflation adjusted at that!).
  • Listened to a few others (Sonos 5, JBL Link 300,  Klipsch The Three, Bowers and Wilkins Zeppelin, etc) and this easily blows them away. I have to qualify that I have no idea how the GHM will sound in a large room though, but it is perfect for the small confined rectangular space of my study.
  • Other pluses for me : Google Assistant voice control, 3.5 mm Aux in port (seamless switching to sound from connected TV), music casting from Cloudbeats. 
  • Excellent excellent excellent. Looks can be so deceiving.
  • Highly recommended, needless to add.

30 August 2018


Music made by angels

24 August 2018

22 March 2018

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? (Gloria Estefan, Trisha Yearwood & Emeli Sande)

So many good covers of this one of my favourite songs (eg Norah Jones, Lobo) but think I have just recently found my definitive number one now. These ladies are fantastic, especially Emeli Sande (whom I have never heard of. Scottish lass, who would have guessed!). Bravo!