15 January 2015

S&P500 : Watch 1982

  • Million dollar question : Oil + Copper(Dr) down, US yields down = foretelling economic slowdown? Are stocks behind the curve and thus over-valued?
  • Monthly : Still uptrend, no sign of turning yet.
  • Weekly : 2nd hiccup of the strong uptrend in the making.
  • Daily : Possible SHS top being formed. Neckline at 1982. Sell stop-in below. Attempting to sell too early will only lead to endless frustration.
  • [This potential top in equities makes me wary to going short ED and TY tempting though it might be at these lofty levels]


Taichiseal said...

Stopped in -ESH5 @ 1980.5

Taichiseal said...

Stopped out +2006.

2 bad ideas in 1 day.