06 May 2014

Steven Gerrard : Football Prophet

Came across this very amusing letter on Football365.

Gerrard's Speech
Everyone knows the captain's speech after the 3-2 victory over Manchester City.
To summarise:
1. We go again
2. This does not f**king slip
3. Every match like a CL final
What happened:
1. Liverpool next match against Norwich ended with a 3-2 victory again
2. Stevie slipped against Chelsea
3. Crystal Palace fought back from 3-0 down to claim a draw (aka 2005 CL final style)
Steven Gerrard is not only Captain Fantastic, he is a football prophet. All shall worship him.
Ziteng (Singapore) YNWA


Taichiseal said...

See Twitter #Crystanbul as well.

Some really funny clips there eg http://talksport.com/football/unbelievable-video-branislav-ivanovic-laughs-luis-suarez-crying-14050690034

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