12 May 2014

BPL 2013/14 : Congratulations to Man City

Deserving champions. Classy, dignified manager. Great individual world class talents. Their football always played in the right spirit (attacking, fair), have never seen any of their players resort to Suarez-like antics (ie cheating).

[Reckon Liverpool would probably have gained a lot more support from the neutrals for the title run-in of the past few weeks if their team did not have Suarez in it. Hint : My love for Steven Gerrard < my dislike of Suarez].


Anonymous said...

Hey TS, I think you will like this article on the history of World Cup footballs. You might want to put it up on your inboard. http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2014/06/13/sports/worldcup/world-cup-balls.html?_r=0

Anonymous said...

P-i-n-b-o-a-r-d ... the autocorrect feature changed it...