29 May 2013

Away 30May-13Jun13

  • Have commitment that will require me to make regular trips to Shanghai going forward.
  • Will be trading as per normal during my time away from Singapore.
  • As most Google services are blocked in China, I will not be able to update this blog + my risk spreadsheets stored in Google Drive.
  • In order for some semblance of continuity during my increased frequency and duration of Google downtime, I have set up a bare bones blog on Sina.com. Access via the "When in Shanghai .." link located on the right hand column somewhere near the middle (under LINKS) of this main page. Will try to update the new sub-blog as and when. (Just done an actual blog post there - on shorting EDZ5 = double top breakout. See this also).
  • While I am away, Pinboard shared items will still update on Blogger.

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