30 March 2013

Mar2013 : Round Trip to Small Down

  • Ended the month small down (almost breakeven). Definitely could have managed to do much better.
  • My route taken : 1. Large up  2. Large down  3. Small up and right at the death  4. Small down. The swing from peak to trough is scary. Had it not been for the fact that I was large up first, I certainly would have been stopped out for the month and closed large down.
  • Table shows P&L percentage contributions by contract. From the magnitudes of the negative contributions, it can be seen that I have generally been rigorously disciplined in my trading, except for my chosen elephant trade in cable (compare vs Feb). Perhaps I should give up on the idea of "going for the jugular" and treat ALL positions the same ie show no favoritism and no letting up on discipline in cutting losses for ALL trades.
  • Significant contribution from day trading to keeping losses down.

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