27 March 2013

CAD+EUR : 2 False Breaks

  • Failure of breaks = usually good trade signals to go the reverse of the original trade.
  • I see 2 such signals in USD/CAD and EUR/USD now. In fact I did have both trades on last week but did not stay with them because of the cable short squeeze.
  • Now that my P&L is looking a whole lot better, reckon I might try to get back in : -USD/+CAD and -EUR/+USD.
  • The break/false break points are 1.0190 and 1.2875 cash [=0.9796 and 1.2884 M3 futures].


Taichiseal said...

-USD/+CAD @ -1.0176

EUR/USD now below 1.2800. Missed the trade now. Should have hit the bid at 1.2850 instead of trying to offer higher.

Taichiseal said...


Average in rate -1.0184. Enough.