18 March 2013

Copper : HRH PITAS

  • If Obama = POTUS, then Copper = Royal PITAss. Lost count of the number of times I have tried this year to short this and gotten out pre-maturely either from being stopped out or because of an un-fortuitous (?) combination of events. (It's a miracle that my ytd P&L from Copper is still a nice positive number, from selling near 361 after all the stop-outs).
  • Nevertheless, I persevere. Last week's re-entry into the triangle is now negated by Cyprus Risk Off. Break on again. Sold HGK3 again at 345.
  • Braced for much pain from fallout of EUR/GBP selling on cable after weekend events but thus far, it hasn't been too bad. Still alive. I imagine there must be a lot of blood spilt out there today.
  • JPY and CAD hurting a bit but small positions only. The JPY I am looking to build up shorts slowly and this is a heaven sent opportunity. Originally was planning to add buy more USD/JPY at 95.00 but guess there is no rush with the Risk Off taking place. Just keep the small underwater long at 95.66 for now.
  • Trigger = Cyprus eh? Who'd have thought that.

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