12 June 2012

S&P500 : Short @ 1316

  • Caught off-side by Spain EUR 100 bio bailout. Trade size too large and received margin call with the large gap up in EUR/USD open for the week. Cut the entire position at 1.2622 and did not have the mental fortitude to get back in when it was apparent later in the day that the market had topped out.
  • Did however, sell S&P at 1316 to re-establish some Risk Off exposure.
  • Trading badly of late. Too many "almost but not quite" trades. Solution : Trade smaller, stay longer.


Market Strategist said...

There are many signs that market is risk on NOT risk off. Your trades are all risk off trades.

Taichiseal said...

Stop bugging me.

Market Strategist said...

Sad to hear that, I am just trying to help. You are still one of the best trader that I know. I had learned a lot from you. Good bye!