09 April 2011

Benchmarks : Weekly Update

  • Job done. Cashed out and banked in. Margin account and risk resets as if start of new year. Another black swan now will not hurt too badly.
  • USDX : Gonzo. Even the USD/JPY has bucked the Risk On trend and joined in the fun.
  • US10YY : Weekly close just above 3.57% likely means we are on our way to test Feb11 high of 3.77%. [Underweight UST long/Overweight Bund short + USD/SGD down and EUR/SGD up = position nicely in the money even though spread closed still at +10].
  • S&P500 : Given Risk On excitement elsewhere, surprisingly a nothing week for S&P. No opinion here. But caution warranted given isolated price action.
  • Gold : Finally, repaying the faithful and in spades too.
  • Consider next week = start of new year. Would be lovely if I can repeat this.


Taichiseal said...

Too many experiences in the past punting in ever larger sizes as profits build, only to see it all disappear when market turns suddenly. Enough of that.

Taichiseal said...

"Gonzo" here = finished, dead duck. Nothing to do with all the references to pornography when you google it.

TradeDemon said...

Excellent job T: - thanks for keeping us updated...