19 March 2011

UST-Bunds Spread : SHS Top

  • Flipped flopped trading this a few times. Long short long short - all not very fruitful before.
  • Time to revisit. SHS top breaking down very nicely again. NL at +10. Now at +9.
  • SHS downside objective is at -69 (corrected: error on my chart). Huge potential.
  • Core book already short TYM1. Due to very high IMR used, I have started off by switching my existing TY short into equivalent Bunds short instead of chalking up even more IMR with 2 new sets of outright positions.
  • Trade : +TYM1 @ 120-22 (3.28); -FGBLM1 @ 122.62 (3.19%). Spread +9. No longer short TY now.

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