19 March 2011

Benchmarks : Weekly Update

  • P&L back to above satisfactory. But in the context of the vast scale of human tragedy in Japan, it seems trivial and frivolous to be even feeling happy about the recovery.
  • USDX :Week's close 75.57, breaking all the important chart points on the Tide Wave Ripples. We might squeeze higher to take out late short term sellers but the monthly chart rules. As long as it looks like we will close Mar11 below 76.30, this is a goner.
  • US10YY : Uncertain. Not ready to turn UST bull. Think 3.25%-3.60% likely range.
  • S&P500 : UpTL clearly broken now. Sell rallies towards 1290.
  • Gold : Bullish all this while. A bit disappointed by failure to take out old highs in face of Japan nuclear meltdown fears. Understand that this is due to sales to raise cash. Sitting tight on longs.
  • Good thoughts and best wishes to the people of Japan. Ganbatte kudasai. Fighto!!!

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