04 June 2016

GEZ7 : Pre- Triangle Breakout

  • Been dabbling with this quietly on the side for the past few months. 
  • Pre-trade : managed to buy 1 risk unit at 98.705 last week, purely bottom picking on flimsy gut feel.
  • Missed trade : Thereafter, was paying 98.72 after market had run up for a bit. Emotionally ruing my lack of conviction and aggression in chasing (73 low). Objectively, it was the correct decision (no strong grounds to increase risk).
  • Real trade : Triangle continuation pattern apparent on chart now. Upside break point at 98.94. Mentally file aside the pre-trade with deep in the money stop. The real trade begins on break of 98.94 with 2 risk units. Shoot for 99.27 previous high as initial target.

1 comment:

Taichiseal said...

+98.875 (new)

-98.92 (TP)

+98.93 (new- break)