17 March 2016

USD/JPY : Confirmed Trend Reversal

  • Long term USD/JPY chart looks awful. SHS top at 125.86, NL 116.13, downside objective 106.40. Uptrend reversal confirmed.
  • Late making this post. Should have called this after Feb's closing at 112.68. Nevertheless, will keep a close eye on this and initiate fresh short on any rally towards the old neckline at 116.13. The market will usually always give you a 2nd chance on patterns such as this. Eg of possible scenario = frenzy on buildup towards next Fed hike.
  • Good risk/reward if can get set say, above 114, stop above 116, target 106.40. Patience and discipline required. If the market doesn't give me a good entry point and I miss the move, then so be it.
  • I think the Yellen Fed has cocked this up big time by starting the hike cycle too late.

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