06 December 2014

2014 : Abysmal

  • Net result for 2014 - down by pocket change magnitude. Trading was very conservative and sporadic due to various non-trading personal commitment. Operated under very difficult conditions as well in terms of capital (in)adequacy = risk appetite severely curtailed.
  • Chart on RHS is perfect summary of my year. My view = rising US rates. Chose to express in ED futures given experience of my previous life. Unable to spread risk (eg diversify some in FX) as per my normal practice due to inadequate capital. Turned out FX trended strongly (no position) whilst I got whipped to death in Rates (foolishly actively involved).
  • Performance summary in one word. Abysmal. This really should have been a huge year for me given the trending nature of a few of my key traded markets. Truly disappointed with myself. Lost soul.

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