16 October 2014

EDZ6 : Great Escape

  • Explosive price action last night. [Op 98-25 Hi 98-67 Lo 98-21.5 Cl 98-43 (reckon at least 5-sigma event)] explained by Ebola fears, low US inflation data + weak economic data.
  • Had been trying for past few months to short EDZ6. Latest attempts -98-14 stopped +98-15.5 and -98-22 stopped +98-26. Expected 98-20.5 to be top of trading range but obviously dead wrong. With rates already so low, going long was never in my thoughts. Thus, huge stroke of luck not to have been caught short in last night's crazy price action. [Lesson : Always place stops with the system!].
  • No clue what to do now. Perhaps major bear capitulation is done. Going to stay out for a while, maybe till next year.


Anonymous said...

hey-hope all good . been tough market but hang in there

Taichiseal said...

Not good mate ...