28 April 2014

April : Difficult Month

  • Should not have started building positions so soon after the good run in March. Was afraid to miss the trending moves and got impatient (started with USD/CAD at 1.1007 which I ended up cutting half at 1.0880). Fortunately, had banked in 1Q "salary" and restarted with much reduced equity base hence smaller risk positions.
  • Heavily discounted strong Mar NFP + dovish FOMC minutes = bad start to April from the get go. Thereafter, narrow trading ranges = lack of opportunities to get out of rut. Other than putting on and cutting losses on the new trades at the margin, have hardly traded at all this month.
  • Positions : -EDZ6 & -Copper & long USD/CAD & long GBP/USD. Cut the last 2 positions last Friday night in preparation for this week/May. Don't want to be too heavy going into FOMC meeting (29-30Apr) and NFP (01May) to avoid the possibility of another USD bearish / rates bullish (asset wise) outcome crippling my month.
  • Only 4 market related blog posts this month due to lack of trade signals (hence the Park Ji Yoon padding). 

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