15 March 2014

S&P500 : Spring Bear

  • Weekly : Close last week = dark cloud cover. Should see follow through next week to around 1780 where we shall see if the uptrend line holds.
  • Daily : Since the shooting star last Friday + evening star thereafter, market has been soft (as per candlesticks theory). Last night's close at 1839.50 is below a significant previous high at 1846.50. Expect the coming days' trading to either 1. be choppy while we try to form the right shoulder of a SHS top, or 2. we go straight down with some force. In any case, being short is right.
  • Trade : -1859 / + 1839 / -1844. So worked into a small starting short position at -1864 average. Planning to build on this patiently. Will not lose money on existing position with protective stop below entry. It's the new positions where the play is.


Taichiseal said...

Stopped out at +1851. Squared now.

Try to re-set higher up.

Taichiseal said...


Taichiseal said...



Taichiseal said...


Taichiseal said...


Limited bullets better employed elsewhere.