25 March 2014

Review 1Q2014 : Made Budget

  • As per "Style Shift" post, have made the locking in of P&L (to ensure a regular monthly salary (S)) a matter of utmost priority over the aesthetics of riding a trade trend all the way until a reversal is indicated. Enforced pragmatism over technical elegance given that I am now fighting for financial survival.
  • P&L by month as follows : Jan = +0.6S; Feb = +0.2S; Mar = +2.3S, final 1Q14 P&L = +3.1S ie just made target for 1Q14. Squared everything now, P&L all locked in, no more trading for this month/quarter.
  • Peak Mar P&L was +3.1S, at which point 1Q P&L was +3.9S. I promised myself then to make sure it (1Q P&L) does not fall back below +3S no matter how incomplete the trends looked. Thus, given the pullback today, have closed all risks.
  • Where I always fell short in the past was to allow open P to drop back whilst waiting for the reversal signals from the longer term charts to get out. In this case, charts all still look good, but all I care about now is to keep my +3.1S and collect my salary. [Making money was never the problem for me; it's keeping it where I let myself down].
  • My money was made in short Copper and long USD/CAD this quarter. Lots of other attempts elsewhere which did not work, but small loss percentages indicate that strict trade discipline was maintained. (see table).
  • Will be back in Apr. Only 1 outstanding GTC order - limit sell EDZ6 some way higher up. Everything else can wait. Am not even going to turn on my screens.

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