22 March 2014

ED Futures : Changed My Mind

  • Sometimes I just talk nonsense eg here (ED range trading). This is exactly the kind of thinking that can kill an interest rate trader. FF at 0% for the 6th year running with nowhere to go but up, QE in the process of being unwound, "considerable period" being defined, etc. Wtf was I thinking, trying to go long EDZ6? Silly boy!
  • Revert to my natural bearish stance. Make the assumption that current price action is the right shoulder (of SHS top) with RS highs already in place, and formulate new trade plan based on this.
  • Back to selling rallies. Kill that range trade thought (cause one get royally fuxxed should it start trending instead). Pulled my buy orders (wonderful Saxo platform, can place/change orders anytime, even when markets are closed)
  • Completely agree with these guys - Credit Agricole and Citi.


Taichiseal said...

Last week :=
+ZNM4 @ 123-10 as hedge for long Copper based on range trading interpretation.

Just -ZNM4 @ 123-13. Scrap that idea.

Taichiseal said...

-EDZ6 @ 97.69