08 March 2014

Copper : Chart Update

  • Updated charts with annotations.
  • Monthly : Developing SHS Top theme. Bearish stance appropriate though still choppy.
  • Weekly : Bear flag sell signal confirmed by this week's close.
  • Daily : 2 SHS tops evident with strong downside break last night.
  • Trade : Squared HGK4 at +309.50 after 2 profitable rounds. Was short at -322, targetting 298 in a period of weeks, but given that 50% of objective was achieved in a matter of hours, felt it appropriate to lock in gains first and await short re-entry. 


Anonymous said...

sweet trade TS!

Taichiseal said...

299.55 low this morning on weekend release of poor CHina exports data.
Not so clever after all!

Taichiseal said...

NEW : -304. Fresh series.

Taichiseal said...

-304.4 and -303

Taichiseal said...

Sell stop-in -299.50 filled