24 January 2014

US Rates : Short ZNH4 @ 125-06 & Short EDZ5 @ 98.93

  • Long standing GTC sell orders filled today in general Risk Off environment cascaded from the weak China PMI yesterday (then Turkey, Argentina). Fresh short in ZHH4 (2.73%, 1 risk unit) and EDZ5 (1/2 risk unit).
  • Same event was trigger for the Copper SHS top breakout (lower). [Risk Off = Base metal down, US rates lower]. In effect, currently my short Copper position (2 risk units) from yesterday is somewhat protected by the fresh rates positions today.
  • Expect the negative price correlation (HG down, ED and ZN up) to turn positive going into FOMC next week ie US rates go back up, Copper go lower on tighter monetary policy. ie win win on both sides.
  • Stops placed GTC.


Taichiseal said...

Stopped out ZNH4 at 125-20

Taichiseal said...

Added on to short EDZ5 at 98.99

Taichiseal said...

Stopped out entire EDZ5 short at 99-03