02 October 2013

SepTaper Straw That Broke the Seal's Back

Weary and Bruised to the Bone
  • Trading losses here : 2011 : -100X ;  2012 : -25X;  2013 : -12X. 2011 big loss was a least 3x what I could afford, due to a few "red mist" moments. Discipline break down which will never be repeated, I promised myself (and have stuck to thus far).
  • 3 bad years in a row. A failure no matter how I look at myself. Have been progressively cutting down on trading size over this period until I am now trading in such small sizes that it is not worth pursuing T4L anymore. If I were still working for a bank, I would have been fired a long time ago.
  • Forgotten what it feels like to be a winner, it's been such a long time ago. Unsure of future plans now. Certainly will stop trading for the rest of this year while the -12X loss is well within my means.
  • Naturally follows that I will stop blogging about trading now. Pointless, seeing as none of my trades have worked. (Final straw = Fed non-Septaper). Perhaps will do the occasional non-trading blog posts.
  • A big thank you to faithful readers who have stuck with me all this time. I may or may not be back. Best of luck to all.


Anonymous said...

You will be back!

TradeDemon said...

T: hope to see you soon!

Anonymous said...

dont fret, take your time to rest your mind, perhaps the US shutdown period will be an opportune time for you


carpedious said...

seeing your charts and listening to you from time to time has become something to look forward to...keep blogging..