11 July 2013

Away 12-25July13

  • In Shanghai from tomorrow. No Blogger access. Will not be trading during this period so sina blog will unlikely to have new posts as well.
  • Pinboard shared items will continue as per normal, assuming that my new non-Google Reader RSS feeds work in China.

1 comment:

Don C said...

Peace, TS.

Everything in life has its priorities. What I am discovering more and more, is how some Priorities seem to loom large and pretend to be much bigger than they really are, from the perspective over the course of Life's wending and meanderings. And most tragically, overshadow the little sentimental things our younger selves used to put aside as mere foolishness. Which turns out to be the only things worth living for.

Sorry. Not sure what that really meant. Think I am confusing myself. Maybe I need to get a dog.

Anyway. Have a good trip. And try to keep your cool during this, the height of the sweltering July Shanghai summer!