28 June 2013

Demise of Google Reader : No Worries

  • Have explored quite a few Google Reader alternatives in the past few months.
  • Idiot proof switching from GR : Feedly, the Old Reader, Digg, Feedspot all good. Just set up account and import feeds from GR before 01Jul13 for hassle free switching. Hurry!
  • All have 1-click news item export to Pocket. More efficient to browse headlines on whichever RSS aggregator (Windows, Mac or App), export and read the interesting ones all on Pocket later. Thus, criteria for choice of  RSS aggregator = speed of incoming feeds. Found that Feedly is fastest, the Old Reader is slowest. But for me, Pocket is absolutely central to all this. (Pocket share to Pinboard via IFTTT).
  • [Feedly does not work in China on iOS App. Not sure about the others yet]
  • My settled combo : Windows/Mac desktop = Feedly. iOS app = Newsify (using Feedly RSS feeds, 1-touch saving to Pocket, 1-click sharing to Pinboard) and/or FeeddlerPro (using the Old Reader RSS feeds). Whichever the source, read all on same Pocket account across platforms.

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Anonymous said...

Try newsblur and get the $24 paid version (a small price to pay). Newsblur is the closest to google reader for me. AND it has its own free native app for ipad & iphone. The developer has been ramping up his fixes & improvements since google announced they were shutting reader down.