17 May 2013

Stand by Me

Delightful MV from 2012 China movie First Time 第一次. (movie is not bad, feel sorry for his poor guitar). [Song video not working properly on iOS. Click link here instead to launch in Safari.]


Don C said...


Have not watched this movie. Just saw the first few minutes and opening sequence with the cassette tape and Walkman...is it supposed to be set in the 80s?

Heh, yeah, he looks a little lame with his air-guitaring...Tsk tsk, must be a rocker/guitarist wannabe.
(Erm wait, but that will also mean me as well...
Am probably also a little jealous that he gets to be with Angelababy AND Gao Yuanyuan. Grrr...)


[TS, wanted to ask you, how do I subscribe to your Pinboard shared articles in Google Reader?

Btw, have you found your replacement feeds aggregator/reader for when they kill G-Reader?

Taichiseal said...

Hi Don

There is a scene in the movie (1:14:20)in which he is smashes his favorite guitar so that Angelababy can get into a dance group.

The shared items web address is :=

To subscribe to the RSS, go to the above address and click on the orange "RSS" link on the 2nd line near the right side of the page.

I have played around with various Google Reader alternatives including the Old Reader and Netvibes. The one I like best is Feedly. Works across my PC, Mac, iPhone and iPad.

Don C said...

Oh dear, she is a dancer in the movie too? ...this is a deadly combination for me...我一定会中毒-I am sure to get hooked on this movie then.

[Thanks for the heads-up. Will tryout Feedly as well.

Taichiseal said...

Movis is OK only la. Don't set your expectations too high.