26 May 2013

Fisherman's Friend : Arbitrage

7-11 : Off market pricing at $2.90

Cold Storage $1.70

Guardian $1.70


Don C said...

Heh, the high priests of the Law of One Price will not be pleased...

So, in consideration of the above arb situation you have discovered and your subsequent reminder of USD/SGD's likely development, I guess what we should do is:
Buy/contract all the Fisherman's Friends we can from Cold Storage and Guardian now in SGD while pushing for payment settlement in 3 months time, and set up discreet scalper's stands outside 7-11 stores hawking our FFs at just under SGD2.90, and accepting only USD in payment.

No point arbing the FF spread and then losing it on the currency slide.

Taichiseal said...

I can't believe how this kind of price gap can actually happen in this day and age of the internet.