24 May 2013

EUR/USD : Keep Trying

  • Weekly : Possible SHS top being formed. No trade yet. Neckline is at 1.2777. Sell stop below.
  • Daily : Double (/triple) top neckline at 1.2953 broken. First attempt to short at 1.2919 stopped out at 1.2966 just after Bernanke written testimony released (subsequent reversal on "taper" suggestion).
  • Trade : Try again on the daily DT. Just sold at 1.2936. Very small position, give it a wide berth this time.
  • [Usual monthly chart not included here, system not updating. In any case, not interesting. Largely sideways picture.]

1 comment:

Taichiseal said...

Scratched (more or less) at 1.2946. Back to waiting for the weekly SHS neckline break b4 getting involved.