05 April 2013

USD/JPY : Documentation of a Trading Mistake

  • This is a TREND trading blog. I am not meant to be making trades against the trend. Either with the trend, or square.
  • Costly departure from this yesterday. Never again.
  • Trade : Was short at -93.30, held into BOJ meeting where consensus was caught by surprise shock and awe outcome. By the time I got back to my desk, it was above 95.50.
  • Mistake 1 : Was positioned against the uptrend, for what reason I don't want to recall. Mostly to do with trying to be too clever.
  • Mistake 2 : Was a relatively tiny position, so had no stop loss order in. 
  • In the end, cut at +95.28 in the early sell-off just after the ECB meeting (later reversed). 200 pips on a small position still adds up to a significant L.

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