04 March 2013

USD/SGD : Trying to Go Long

  • Sat on a long USD/SGD position for most of Feb while it was dicking around mostly between 1.2370 - 1.2440. In then end, ran out of patience and got rid of it to focus elsewhere.
  • Unfortunately, looks like it's now come alive again, while I have nothing on. Will have to overcome strong inertia if I want to get back long at much higher levels than where I had traded them before.
  • If I can't get in at 1.2430, I think I will let this go. Just not meant to be. Normally I would have had some kind of buy stop-in working but had taken my eyes off the ball. Blink and it's now at 1.2463.

1 comment:

Taichiseal said...

+1.2455. One shot only. No add, unless this goes in the money.