11 March 2013

SaxoTrader : Price Ladder

Don -  .. is this what you were looking for?


Don C said...

Thanks TS. That looks to be a market depth window consolidated into the standard trade order/execution module. The price ladder I was looking for is a trade execution module with laddered display of bid/ask pricings usually ten-plus levels deep, where you can directly structure your trade orders and stops.

Am looking around for another 'local' broker as backup. Saxo is an option, even if they don't have the above function. Their all-in-one platform with free(if I'm not wrong?) charting and market data makes them useful as a redundancy and backup.

Thanks again!

[dunno why, but with market levels at where they are currently at record highs, I am slightly nervous: abit fearful of 2007/08 turmoil or MFG/Refco-like scandals. So trying to spread out the eggs a little and not rely solely on US FCMs]

Taichiseal said...

Have to confess I am not familiar with X-Trader and the trade execution module you describe.

I like the Saxo platform, but then again, I haven't seen a lot of others. Platform is free and there is no requirement for minimum monthly trading volumes to continued free access.

You can also sign up here for a demo account if you want to do a test run.

Don C said...

Thanks TS.