19 March 2013

AAPL : Chart Update

  • Monthly : SHS top (NL 495) & Uptrend line (482) broken. Sell rallies, especially if we get a pullback to the TL or NL.
  • CFD for this available on Saxo platform. Never traded CFDs before. Now might be a good time to learn, via an actual trade.
  • I guess the CFD is a contract between me and Saxo? What I do not understand is (see 2nd screenshot) why is the pricing for the CFD identical to the underlying cash? Don't the house take a spread? Can anyone enlighten me?


Anonymous said...

CFD trading on saxo is great for short-term trades as it lets you trade on margin, but they charge interest costs that can add up quickly (see box that pops up when you click the CFD ticker for estimated carry cost). If you're trading long-term from the long side then better to do cash, although for short trades think you have no choice but to trade the CFD as saxo won't let u be short cash.

Yes, CFD is contract between you and saxo, so if you're long CFDs and saxo goes bust, you don't own the shares, whereas if you were long shares then even if saxo went bust then the shares are still yours.

458.79/83 is the spread. They can either clear the risk at market through the shares, or they can hold the position until someone takes the other side (and they make the spread) or you square up. Same as trading spot FX. If the spread wasn't the same as the underlying cash, no one would trade CFDs.

I'm guessing some trading platforms treat CFD customers similar to how they would treat retail FX traders, believing that the majority of retail margin traders will go bust so the trading platform simply holds the other side of the position until the trader squares off the position for a loss.

Taichiseal said...

Fantastic information! Thanks.

I have some more questions (see next post). Can you please help?

May I also know your name/moniker for future reference?