27 February 2013

Winning Mentality

From the "The Republic of Mancunia" blog.

It reminds me of something Darren Fletcher said about the reaction of our players to winning the European Cup in 2008 after beating Chelsea on penalties. Ryan Giggs, who broke Sir Bobby Charlton’s record for Manchester United appearances and scored our winning penalty that night, huddled the players together on the pitch.
“He said, ‘Lads, this is what it’s all about — let’s have it next year as well’, and we were looking at this trophy, which hadn’t even been presented to us, and there was Ryan already talking about next year,” said Fletcher. “It brought home to me what this club is about. Later, we were sitting in the dressing room and there were so many players already talking about winning it again. Gary Neville, Rio Ferdinand marching around telling everybody, ‘I like this feeling, let’s keep it going’. That is why the club gets stronger and stronger. We always think we can achieve more.
To finish, I’ll leave you with some words from Gary Neville which were in The Observer in 2010: “The idea was that you’ve never made it. With a young player sometimes you hear people saying: ‘He’s made it.’ Our idea was that you’ve never made it. You can perform well here and still be out if you don’t fit the plan. There are no passengers, it’s a conveyor belt, and if you’re not contributing to the success of the club in some way you won’t be here much longer.''

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