01 February 2013

Stops : Copper and Cable

  • Short Cable on basis of daily double top. Back above neckline so stopped out at 1.5828.
  • Short Copper while approaching upper edge of daily triangle. Stopped out at 376.90 (given it a bit too much leeway) outside the triangle.
  • Both trades were hedges. Guess will have to be brave and go into NFP naked long EUR/USD, S&P and US rates.
  • In light of the bearish bigger picture (weekly), will still consider re-establishing both trades if we go back under the cable neckline and copper triangle. [Copper looks the more likely candidate].


Taichiseal said...

Re-sold HGH3 at -374.40 again, exact same level as initial entry yesterday (and stopped out 376.90).

Taichiseal said...

Cut loss again. +378.05