25 February 2013

EUR/USD : Pullback to Neckline

  • SHS trade going almost exactly according to game plan.
  • Initial trade : -1.3234
  • Pyramid : -1.3277 and 1.3313
  • Relief rally post Italy poll close (not disastrous, at least not initially) stopped right at the SHS NL at apx 1.3320.
  • Downside objective 1.2880.
  • As mentioned before, market almost always give you a 2nd chance to get on board if you missed it the first time round. The difficult part is staying patient whilst uninvolved and not jump in at levels which results in a poor entry average. That requires confidence, experience and lack of ego (of needing to sell tops and buy bottoms).


Taichiseal said...

+1.3211 / Took profit on 1/4 of position.

Anonymous said...

Good trading TS, nice to see you back in your groove.