05 February 2013

Core Book : Spat At and Humbled

  • My usual practice is to stay up till NY close on Friday nights, for end of week trade signals and execution MOC. Last Friday, I was too tired and missed the close so had all weekend to reflect. Got up first thing Asian opening on Monday to make pyramid trades MOO.
  • Was so very damn sure of myself after studying the charts over the weekend. Yet, got spat on almost from the get go. The markets truly has a million ways to humble traders.
  • Cut ALL positions last night and this morning, to protect the good Jan13 performance. Money talks louder than charts. Instead of clinging on to, say the EUR/USD inverse SHS long signal, I prefer to protect the health of my P&L.
  • Only left with the long Copper position which has a tight stop nearby. Risk lowered from 71% yesterday morning to 8% now, but P&L (P!) conserved. Only regret is I should have cut everything last night instead of half then and half today.
  • Back to the drawing board.

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