16 January 2013

USD/JPY : Long @ 87.86

  • Re-initiated long at 87.86. This will be my CORE position in this strong trending market. Am prepared to see this go substantially against me.
  • Daily : Already pulled back 62% of the up-leg from 86.81 to 89.66, which is why I picked this level to start. In a way, I am anticipating the start of a triangle consolidation.
  • This is the start of a new series of scaled in buying.
  • In a strong trending market, I'd much rather have something and see it go against me, then to have nothing and bear the risk of it running away from me.


Taichiseal said...


Taichiseal said...


Taichiseal said...

Missing trades :=


Stopped out all @ 89.45