03 January 2013

EUR/USD : Expect NL Test @ 1.3010

  • EUR/USD is behaving all wrong.
  • Daily : Back below 1.3171 support (now 1.3130) after pushing to "fiscal cliff resolution" high of 1.3299 yesterday (via a sharp reversal). Does not bode well.
  • Weekly : As earlier suspected but without sufficient conviction to act accordingly, I think this will now really go back to test the inverse SHS neckline (this week at around 1.3010).
  • Plan : No wish to sell based on the daily so stand clear for now. Give the inverse SHS one last chance. Wait to buy nearer to 1.3010. Perhaps it requires a successful defence of the NL support before the inverse SHS will reward us.


Taichiseal said...

Filled. +1.3023.

Taichiseal said...


All set now for Either very quick stop out. Or huge upside potential.

Taichiseal said...


Looks like going to be a key reversal day today.