18 December 2012

US 10-year T-Notes : 132-00 Pivot

  • On weekly TY chart, 132-00 is turning out to be an obvious and important pivot level.
  • 132-135 range. If break 132,then  = 129-132 range.
  • Might be worthwhile doing some bottom picking near to 132 with a tight stop below. The sharp bounce from 132-04 low this morning to 132-12 now does seem to indicate that this might be a sensible trade idea.
  • Somersault short on close below 132.
  • For this kind of trade, entry should be established very close to the pivot point. If it cannot be done, leave it. In other words, don't chase it. Otherwise, risk reward gets all screwed up and whipsaws can get costly.


Taichiseal said...

Paid 132-00 as planned. Long TY = Risk OFF.

Partial risk offset against Core long EUR/USD = Risk ON.

Taichiseal said...


Taichiseal said...

Missed updating trades here :=

+ 132-04
+ 132-12

- 132-31

+ 132-23

Taichiseal said...

Trailing stop at 132-15 taken out. All SQ now.