14 December 2012

Low Thia Khiang on Michael Palmer Affair

Low Thia Khiang : "No process is fool proof. Michael Palmer has been a well-balanced Speaker. He has managed Parliamentary affairs very well, very efficiently ... giving both front and back benches sufficient time to debate. He's also given members of the Opposition sufficient time to engage the front bench. Personally, I quite like him as a Speaker .. it's unfortunate that he has resigned. I hope those people who have been critical of the Workers' Party, the media as well, I hope they will display fairness and integrity in their comments."

[Contrast to PAP reaction to Yaw Shih Leong affair eg here and here]

Mr Low, what a classy gentleman you are. Unlike the PAP - picking on every single mistake of the Opposition, taking people to Court over every little criticism and making all sorts of excuses for their own mistakes ("ponding", anyone?). There is no need for Mr Low to point out the hypocritical behaviour of the PAP. It is plain for all to see.

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liverpool fan said...

clap clap.........and he is modest, didnt pass judgement.........pap learn something from the gentleman...pls do not be so high ended......to be fair i think our pm is ok..quite streetwise...but from dpm down....all need polishing...