28 December 2012

EUR/USD : Long @ 1.3171

  • Much less luck with this pair even though the inverse SHS breakout occurred pretty much the same time as the USD/JPY.
  • Trading down to 1.3171 support now so am making another stab going long with a stop not too far away, so this is not going to be costly.
  • As long as the weekly inverse SHS NL (at 1.3030 this week) is not violated, buying dips remain my favored approach.
  • Guess the difference in trade performance between this (crap) and USD/JPY (good) is that the latter has the monthly chart going for it as well, whilst EUR/USD monthly is sideways bound, ie no trade signal.

1 comment:

Taichiseal said...

Stopped out 1.3177.