02 November 2012

S&P500 : Sold ESZ2 @ 1421

  • Tentative negative view adopted here based on 1. weekly evening star and 2. failure to hold above old high at 1421.
  • After recent peek below 1400, Risk On has taken this back towards 1421. From daily chart, there is a band of old support (= new resistance now) around 1425/1430.
  • Thus, gone short ESZ2 @ 1421, anticipating attack on uptrend line at 1378. But first, we have to see if it fails to hold around here.
  • Addendum [post >E NFP release 10:47 PM : turned out entry point sucked, high of day 1431.5, but market seem unable to push higher beyond and now all the way back to 1421. Price action encouraging for bears. Logic : Good NFP = Less chance of QEx ?]


Taichiseal said...

Low 1384 tonight.

Stop loss on position moved down to just below breakeven. I do not want to see this go above my entry point now.

Taichiseal said...

Pyramid short at 1366

Taichiseal said...

Taken partial profit. +1352.