08 November 2012

Being: Liverpool

  • Superb behind-the-scenes documentary on Liverpool FC. Just finished watching all 6 episodes in 1 sitting.
  • Brendan Rogers gives really good team talks. [eg see Ep 3 07:00 in which he asks the team to give their all for 1 guy - Lucas Leiva, on his first return to the game after being injured for over a year.]. I am sure Liverpool have the right manager in the job now. Even as a MU fan, I want him and the team to succeed.
  • This is compelling viewing for all football fans, not just Liverpool's. 
  • Watch here. [Do not click on the green download button. Instead, just click on the right hand button on the bottom dark grey video player toolbar to enter full screen mode, then click on the play button].

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Taichiseal said...

Some other good BR team talks :=

Ep. 2 16:00
Ep. 4 23:00