29 October 2012

Suarez : Bad Bad Boy

Suarez on Mirallas
Suarez on Distin

Clips "borrowed" from here.

Brendan Rogers : "The foul on Distin? That wasn't a red. I don't see that. Sometimes you get that with strikers. It's just a fraction out. He tried to play the ball."

Well and good to defend your player, except that Distin was between Suarez and the ball. The ball was nowhere near for Suarez to play.

The foul on Mirallas is even worse. Change of direction of left foot to stamp on Mirallas, who then could not continue in the 2nd half.

Deliberate vicious attempts to cause injury to opponents in both clips, by a skillful player who really has no need to resort to such underhanded tactics. What a let down to Liverpool FC and fans. Diving, I can just about have a laugh at, especially the clumsy attempts, but deliberate malicious action to cause injury to other players? Disgraceful. Genius with a dark flaw.


Taichiseal said...

Contrast with Phil Neville/David Moyes response.

From Daily Post UK :=

PHIL NEVILLE admits he was “absolutely stupid” after being booked for diving in yesterday’s Merseyside derby.

Everton skipper Neville was cautioned by referee Andre Marriner after tumbling to the ground during the second half of the breathless 2-2 draw against Liverpool at Goodison Park.

Goodison manager David Moyes had suggested before the game that players who dive were driving supporters away from the game of football.

And Neville, who was blasted by the Scot at half-time, said: “It was an absolutely stupid thing to have done.

“I don’t find myself at that end of the pitch very often.

“I thought Daniel Agger was going to come in behind me and I got a good kick up the backside at half-time and rightly so.

“I put myself under pressure with the yellow card and I couldn’t really make the tackles in the second half.”

Moyes added: “I told him it was completely wrong.

“You don’t do that and hopefully he won’t do it again.”

Taichiseal said...

Phil Neville + David Moyes .. classy