17 October 2012

My New Kindle Paperwhite

  • My Paperwhite here at last ... 
  • Bought from here for S$190. Excellent service (2nd time already) and seems to be cheapest source in Singapore.
  • Do not buy from the 2 shops at Funan DigitalLife Mall that carry e-readers. Eg. asking price for Kindle 4 there is S$280! (Paid S$130 for it in July this year from Sweetevil's Spree). And the guy at Funan got really upset with me when I asked him why so much when it was only US$79 on Amazon.
  • Addendum 03Nov12 : After using this for about 2 weeks - conclusion - great e-reader. Perfect if you do a lot of reading at night.


Denny said...

Were can i still get it now? sweetevil seems to be out of stocks. Have seen this website selling kindle, any experience?


Taichiseal said...

The "trouble" with Kindle hardware is that they are so robust that they last forever and I have not had to replace any of mine yet so I don't have recent experience of buying one.

Not sure if your website is any good. Also, came across this one which looks interesting and cheap.


Good luck. Definitely the kindle paperwhite is the best choice.