24 September 2012

USD/CAD : Gone Short @ 0.9812

  • For those who missed the QE3 (= lower USD) trade, now looks like a good time to get in.
  • Among the possible pairs I usually look at, the USD/CAD chart looks the best.
  • Weekly low of 0.9630, now rallied back to the old multiple top NL at around 0.9800. Suggest going short here, stop close > 0.99.
  • Short here at 0.9812 in tiny, just to stay in touch. Even if this works huge subsequently, it is not going to any material difference to my bad year. Trading size now reduced to less than 10% of my usual. Bad year is already locked in, nothing is going to change that now.


Taichiseal said...

Stopped out 0.9822

Trader said...

Try looking at short GBPUSD.