18 September 2012

No Easy Day

  • This book probably should not have been written. Breach of national security, revelation of "trade" secrets, betrayal of SEALs code of conduct. Ethics aside, information contained in the book could put other SEALs at risk in future.
  • First half of the book is mostly useless preamble. 
  • Only gets interesting from chapter 11 "Go Day" (which describes in fascinating detail the packing of the military gear required for the mission).
US$ 65,000 night vision goggles
Excerpt from Ch 16 "Geronimo"

"Before I left, I noticed a shelf that ran above the door. It was just above where he was standing when we got to the third deck. I slid my hand up and felt two guns, which turned out to be an AK-47 and a Makarov pistol in a holster. I took each weapon down and pulled out the magazine and checked the chambers. They were both empty. He hadn't even prepared a defense. He had no intention of fighting. He asked his followers for decades to wear suicide vests or fly planes into buildings, but didn't even pick up his weapon. ... ... Bin Laden knew we were coming when he heard the helicopter. I had more respect for Ahmed al-Kuwaiti in the guesthouse because at least he tried to defend himself and his family. Bin Laden had more time to prepare than the others, and yet he still didn't do anything. Did he believe his own message? Was he willing to fight the war he asked for? I don't think so. Otherwise, he would have at least gotten his gun and stood up for what he believed. There is no honor in sending people to die for something you won't even fight for yourself."
  • My rating : 3/5

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