02 April 2011

Benchmarks : Weekly Update

  • Very hairy price action after NFP. Feeling is, if I survived that with core positions intact, things can only look up going forward. The beauty of "Small Positions" at work here.
  • USDX : Downtrend intact. Takes a weekly close below 75.63 to get a bear rush going again. Believe we will get that, perhaps as soon as next week.
  • US10YY : Range bound, 3.30%-3.50%. Upside constrained by steepness of YC, downside by very real inflation fears. Squared balance of my new longs (at 118-13) last night at 118-30.5. Turned intended carry trade into day trade. Don't much like range bound markets anyway.
  • S&P500 : What's there to say. Bull trend. Don't fight it regardless of what the talking heads say.
  • Gold : Up to its usual difficult self but longs will be rewarded eventually.

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